Starting in Cape Town meandering through Africa. Essentially Cape to Cairo by New Years… Will be little longer. Need to get our flight from Dubai. Also a few places & people to see on they way.

More Detes Here...
Hammbag and Skateboard one deck


Hammbag acting as storage & accommodation. Board & thumbs being transport. Exact route will be determined on the road 😉

Why? … Why not

10 flight cancellations. A lot of new places and people to see. Also need to test out the new Hammbag Pro version and find some new factories … So It’s a business trip 🙄 Finally decided to find our own way back.

But How…

Financial the only thing is sustenance. Our skateboard runs more or less on beer & burgers. Allocating ~$15aud/pd will have enough to make it to Cairo by years end 🤙

Small miss calculation recently had a few unexpected expenses and there’s some stuff forgot to include such as visas. Potentially would also like todo small challenges such as Mnt Kilimanjaro, except $$$ 😅

$upport the Adventure