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Keep up to date with all of my antiques and adventures before the epic odyssey as well as during the 1000km skateboard trip. You’ll see updates and news for tips, training, preparation and any other crazy ideas I have along the way.

The First Hurdle

Berlin & Amsterdam 2

The next 2 days were really difficult skating with an injury 270km to Frankfurt and I still had the biggest hills to climb over! The weather wasn’t looking great and even pushing on flat ground hurt. This stretch also had a lot of bush terrain where skating wasn’t really possible… However my board is such […]

The Greatest Skate

Berlin & Amsterdam 2

Supp!  I’m doing a 1000km skate or longboard trip across Europe. Well Germanz and Holland. Berlin to Frankfurt to Munster to Amsterdam! It’s for 2 charities; 😄Camp Quality – 🌟Starlight – Next few days were challenging… Starting the skate I think I got to excited and I started of doing 100+km a day. […]