Dylan’s Story

When Dylan was 6 years old he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL; a cancer of the blood). From then he spent a lot of the time in a hospital under going chemotherapy treatment for the next 2.5 years.

This puts enormous strain on a body, basically wiping out any fast growing cells including bone marrow and digestive system (and hair cells). In hope that the chemo will wipe out the cancer in the process. 

From then on if the treatment has been successful Dylan was still considered in remission for the following 6 years where he had to go for weekly blood tests, monthly check ups and constant monitoring.

Then around his 13th birthday he was given the “All Clear”! So he had a party 😀
All throughout this time Starlight and Camp Quality helped him through the experience actually making it enjoyable and fun. In the words of Camp Quality, laughter truly is the best medicine!


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Mums Book

When going through the experience Dylans mum, Vivienne drew and wrote a little book to help explain to him what exactly he was going through.

Thou a little quirky this really helped explain to him and some of his friends exactly what he had and was going through.

Camp Quality

In between hospital visits I got to go on camps with Camp Quality. An adventure where I’d go with other kids going through same experience and just get to forget about it all. Sure there were kids with drips, wheelchairs or still undergoing series treatment but they’d all join in on the fun as well. It was an amazing time where I can only ever remember laughing and smiling!


When I was at Westmead Children’s hospital I always went to ‘Starlight room’, basically an awesome room filled with games, toys and a bunch of new friends, all having similar experiences. Also got to participate in the activities they hosted in and around the hospital, always having a good time and brightening up the experience.

Everyones Story

Kids and families all over are going through the exact same experience I had. I know how much Camp Quality & Starlight help families and especially the child going through the treatment. Now over a decade after the experience I really can appreciate their impact and it’s my turn to help support them.

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Each charity has it’s own page, whoever you choose is up to you. My personal goal is to raise 7K total (3.5K each) so it’ll be 1000 dollars for each year I was in treatment or in remission.
A dream would be to make it to 14K!